Welcome to Pepe John's, the cryptocurrency that's revolutionizing the digital currency scene with a fresh and delicious twist! 

We're tired of seeing the public being served up uninspired, bland crypto projects that leave a bad taste in their mouths. That's why Pepe John's is dedicated to providing a truly special and unique experience, just like our namesake's legendary pizzas. 

Savor the excitement of a top-notch cryptocurrency that's been crafted with passion and precision, all while fulfilling your appetite for innovation and financial freedom. 

Join the Pepe John's family today and enjoy a slice of the crypto revolution that'll leave you craving more!

Tokenomics Recipe


This will be distributed between marketing and pizza :)

Max Supply of 2%

(20000000 tokens)

Pepe John's Is Feeding Anons!

A portion of the marketing tax will be allocated to gift pizza to our loyal holders and telegram members!

 Join us in our community Telegram for a chance to win a 'za on us!

 "I love me a good ol' Peperoni to relax after mooning."


 "Would never dream of taking my business elsewhere."


 "Pepe John's soothes my tears after being rugged."